Intuitive websites are an incredibly powerful sales, marketing and communications tool.
They provide a platform for your brand, allowing effective promotion of your products and services to a virtually unlimited audience. All websites created by Orqa Design are compliant with web standards, are search engine optimised and easy to update without technical knowhow or expensive software.

Having a website that’s easy to navigate is extremely important.
After all, your website will give potential customers their first impression of your brand.
A focus on contact also allows customers to make the first call, a step closer to a sale.
More complex sites might require a content management system (CMS), which we can implement
to your website to allow you to update key information with ease.


All of our sites are designed and built using Wordpress - the open source software system or custom built using the latest website languages.

wordpress website custom website

Wordpress offers a full content management system to easily update and extend your site, as well as thousands of plugins and widgets.

Custom build websites allow for very exciting and innovative design development;
both are very quick, easy and cost effective to change and update, keeping future costs to a minimum.

domain name


It is very important to pick the right domain name as this will be the way customers find you.
If your name is complicated or similar to another domain name they may get confused.
We can help with this tricky process and offer guidance and an idea of pricing.
web hosting


Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that allows you to make your website accessible via the worldwide web. We offer a range of fast, secure and reliable web hosting for any size website requirements. We offer shared hosting packages - which are the most economical option and are perfect for both individuals and businesses looking to maintain a reliable web presence.
email address


We can offer web email addresses for your website tailored to your requirements.
This can be used in any email software and is also possible to use in a web based interface.
Mobile devices can be set up to sync using Imap which stores all email on our server and keeps all computers and devices in sync. If you prefer to have email handled by Google Apps for Business this is something we can provide along with the support for it's set up and ongoing use.
web design and development


The look, content and branding of a website all contribute to how you are perceived by your customer.
At Orqa we take a detailed analysis of your company and what you need from your website to create a custom set of designs specifically for you. Our method of understanding your needs and using our extensive resources and design expertise allows to us to craft a variety of designs to match your needs.
user experience


The way your customers find and interact with your website can determine whether they stay on the website and inquire about your products/services, which is crucial in generating sales and interest.
We create all websites with this detail in mind; it is worked into the overall design / content and is tested.
content management system


If you would like to be able to make changes to your website yourself, we can give you access to a content management system that you can log into anywhere and use the simple tools to add pages, content, images, news stories and more. These are supported with a tutorial, instructions and online support so that once your website is live, you can take full charge of it.
search engine optimisation


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation involves improving the way your website is found through search engines. There are changes that can be made to existing websites or you can incorporate SEO into a new website.
All of the websites we create comply with web standards and implement search engine optimisation.
The way in which your website is found by search engines is incredibly important as a number of potential customers will be searching general terms in order to locate a suitable company.
website maintenance


If you already have a website and currently do not have anyone to make updates on a regular basis, you can use Orqa’s web maintenance service to implement updates and changes required. Or you may feel your site needs a re-vamp, re-brand or homepage re-layout to increase business revenue and traffic.